Program your Android device to do tasks automagically

  • Do you own an Android device?
  • Wish you could make it do what you want to do?
  • Don’t think you have the time to delve into learning programming in the Android environment?

Automagic was made for you!


Automagic lets you create scripts that activate on certain “triggers” and that can evaluate “conditions” and/or perform “actions” – all through a simple flowchart-based interface.  Create simple scripts (called “flows”) and start calling them from other flows, and in no time you will find you are accomplishing complex tasks with ease.


For instance, I have only been using this for a week and already I have my Nexus 7 tablet:

  • detecting when I am at work,
  • launching my time tracking software when I arrive at work,
  • gently reminding me to keep my time tracking up-to-date every 15 minutes
  • detecting when I have left work
  • shutting down time tracking once I leave at the end of the day
  • e-mailing a summary of that day’s time tracking data to my work e-mail, so I can enter it in the “official” time tracker in the morning.
  • and I am working on getting a Skype message to my wife to let her know that I am on my way home.

Check it out – the author is actively working to expand the capabilities has been very responsive in offering help.


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